Yygdrasil of Kujata is a blog dedicated to following the life and times of my FFXI character Yygdrasil on the Kujata server. You can expect to find postings of my accomplishments, tips and tools and a lot of SMN (Summoner) talk. To be perfectly honest; I constructed this blog more-or-less as a journal for myself. Should you find any useful information within, please feel free to use it for yourself, just give me credit for any unique ideas. Oh! If you see me in game /tell me what you think of the blog!


Cool Kujatians (Since I can't seem to post on Alla atm)

I wanted to make a shout-out to all of the people on thye server that have made my experience there a delight. Bare with me if I forget to add you. This is a work in progress.

Swisha: NIN, DRG
By and large one of the most entertaining people I have met on the server. Weather or not you ever actually come out, you always offer to help me with just about anything. One time I will never forget, you actually came all the way through Ifrit's Cauldron to the Ash Dragon spawn to raise me so I wouldnt have to warp home and do it all over again. I think my raise timer was at 45 seconds when I finally stood up,

Unsayne: WAR
For you... all I have are appologies. Somehow every time I ask for help with an NM, I get you to come out and give it a shot with me... and without fail... you always die. At this point I must be responsible for at least 30k lost experience. I don't blame you if you never want to help me with anything ever again, lol.

Atrelie: WHM, WAR
Our friendship is reletively new, being that I joined your linkshell not too long ago, but from what I can tell, you're A-Ok. You were one of the first people to volunteer to help me with the Airship fight without even a second thought. Even though we have yet to win, its the thought that counts.

Subzeroffx: SMN, WAR, RDM, BLM, THF, BLU
The very first person I met on Kujata. The day I transfered from Bahamut, I logged in at the Glacier OP and there he was, standing right next to me. I remember asking him right off the bat to join his Linkshell. After all, I'm a SMN and his LS is called "AstralFlow"... how could I resist. He also got my feet wet in Dynamis and a few other endgame senarios. For that I thank you.

Teiris: WHM, SCH, BLM
If I need a tele... I ask you. If I need a D2... I ask you. If I need a Retrace... I ask you. If I need a WHM, BLM or SCH... I ask you. When you needed an Ixion Cloak for 500k less than AH price... I gave it to you. A more consistant friend there is none.

Neroific/Neraific: RDM, BLM, SMN, SCH, SAM, DNC, THF
I owe about 56 Merit Points to you.

Corvin: DRG
One of the most compitent players on our server. You tell it how it is and never sugar coat it, for that I respect you. More often than not I can rely on you to come and help me out in a pinch... or to just lend a hand on a CoP Mission. If you suck at this game, be warned that he'll let you know.

Darkassassin: THF, BLU, COR
Probably the only person I know who has ever read my blog. Great trustworthy THF. I know... that's really weird to say. If I had to compare myself and my love for SMN to someone else and their love for their job, it would have to be Dark and his THF. There's a level of dedication to be admired for someone who dedicates themselves to perfecting one job.


Updated Job Levels

I recently began leveling some other jobs... to diversify myself. Here is a little bit of what I've been working on:

WHM 42
NIN 32
COR 28
THF 24
WAR 16


Lizardtrap: Even More Extended

Wiki has now changed the drop rate to 8.3%... and yet... somehow I'm still not getting the drop. As of this last kill, I'm 0/14 and somehow 8.3% doesn't statistically feel right to me. Oh well... I'll be back tomorrow to keep trying.

Expansion Pack Plans

Now that I have an abundant ammount of time to do nothing but plot, scheme and plan, I decided to look into the expansion pack gear and plan for the future. Here's what I've come up with:

Royal Redingote
BP Delay -4 (Because I don't have the Summoner's Horn yet and still linger around -10 BP)
Perpetuation -2 (Because it's a lot better than trying to save up for a Penance Robe)

Selenian Cap
Enhance Fast Cast +3% / BP Delay -3 (Again... just an all around awsome stat IMHO)
Attack +3 / Pet: Damage Taken -10% (A solid solo piece that should help me out when I'm doing pages in Sky)

Tatsumaki Sitagoromo
Elemental Siphon +20 (Further information shows that the +20 acts as an additiona +20 to Summoning Skill only for use wit Elemental Siphon, not bad)
Movement Speed +8% (Because lets face it... I can't afford Herald's Gaiters)

So in summary... I will have the following stats while wearing my expansion gear:

BP Ability Delay -7
Perpetuation Cost -2
Fast Cast +3%
Pet: Attack +3
Pet: Damage Taken -10%
Elemental Siphon +20
Movement Speed +8%

Awsome. I'm making plans to start as soon as the MTC is over.

LizardTrap: Extended

0/10 now... and a new change has been made to the Wiki. Apparently the drop rate is now adjusted to 7.8%. No as bad as it feels but still terrible. So with my current fail rate I should see a drop within the next 10 claims. Sadly, although I woke up early to claim him today, I was late and lost out. After waiting an hour and a half without moving I got the message that maintenance was starting... 10 minutes before I was told that the window would be up. This NM will be the death of me.


Lizardtrap: The newest addition to the VE and LL club

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to start camping one of the new NMs that came with the update. My choices were limited but I decided on Lizardtrap. After reading online on a few sites, i determined that it is definately a 2 hour timed pop and that the drop rate for the crown is about 5.8%... not great odds. After my research, I headed out to the spawn location to camp the first pop and get the ToD. I wasn't expecting the camp to be empty and yet I was the only one there, so I called on a lvl 75 THF friend of mine to come and help me. Thanks Darkassassin!

Almost immediately after we got to the camp... poof, he spawns right behind me and we lost the claim to some random duo of campers who zoomed into the area and outclaimed us. We may have lost the claim, but it made me happy to hear that they didn't get the drop. Besides... now I had the ToD. After that, I decided to set an alarm and log off right where I was. 2 hours later I came back and claimed him all on my own. The thing hits hard if you're not prepared, I took 2k dmg to the face from a bliz 4 while I was buffed with Shell 2, Phalanx, SS and Shining Ruby. Needless to say... I took more caution after I got back up. After buffing, I took out Ifrit and sent him at the trap and it only took 3 BPs before it went down. No resummoning needed. Also, no drop.


I repeated this process without competition for the next 3 claims. Nothing special to add.


After I logged in again to wait for the pop, I noticed that there were 4 other Anon SMN sitting around me. Even though I had the exact ToD, this freaked me out... so I called on Darkassassin, Okashi, and Darkhalo to assist me in claiming. After they got the the spawn, Okashi went AFK and we dropped her so she wouldn't die. Loads of help that was...

After all was said and done, Halo got the claim and still no drop.


Last try of the night I logged on to see my friend Cruiniac on the scene... another SMN I've been buddies with for a while and I joined up with him after he heard my story of 0/5. He agreed to help me claim and to letme have the drop if it came. Good guy. He outclaimed one other SMN in the area using Dia and promptly took 2k to the face much like I did before. Afterwords, I took over and started kiting while he got up, resummoned and joined in. Dead in no time. No drop. Sad Taru.


I guess SE wasn't satisfied with just VE and LL... they needed to add another NM that has a miserable drop rate to annoy the piss out of me. Grats SE.... job well done.

I'm going to try again tomorrow. Hopefully It'll be my last day. Wish me luck!


A Friend!

Yesterday I was stopped for the first time by someone who has visited this blog. I was shouting while running through WG like I usually do (I'm always on the lookout for Mannaquin Hands) and I get /poked by a complete stranger right before I got to the warptaru.

>>Darkassassin pokes Yygdrasil

At first I was thinking, "Awsome, he has hands but doesn't speak english". No dice. Instead, he announced that he had visited and read my entire blog. We talked for a few minutes about the fact that although he had no iterest in ever playing as a SMN, he enjoyed reading it. *blush*

He's one of the best geared and most informed THFs I've encountered... and like me, he's career. I always like running into another career player because it means that they truely love their job and (usually) know what they're doing better than most. I for one have tried to play as other jobs and can't do it. It's too hard to get into a new job when it's not the one I've been playing right from the start.

So I challenge you all!!! Anyone who is reading or has read this blog. FIND ME!!! SEEK ME OUT!!! SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT!!!

...just don't hit me in the face...


Summoning Belt

I decided to give camping Ramponneau a shot today and have come to one conclusion: I hate SE.

Every time they make a rare/ex item that I feel I have to get my hands on for any reason... they make it a really easy mob to kill, a fairly fast respawn time... and an ungodly low drop rate.

Empress Hairpin 1/19 (12 seperate days of camping)
Leaping Boots 1/23 (well over a week of camping)
and now...
Summoning Belt 0/4 (day 1)

F.U., Square Enix, F.U.

CoP 4-3: The Savage

After a lot of sitting around and biding my time, I found myself running back from a Besieged today and happening upon a random shout in WG.

???: Chains of Promathia, Mission 4-2: The Savage, Do you need it? 5/6

"Thank God!!!", I thought. Finally I can be rid of this pesky fight and move on with my life.

The set-up was as follows:
75Smn/Whm (me)
49Cor/Thf (party leader)

After cheering to myself about how clutch the set-up was, I joined the rest of the party at the gate on the coast. Not only had the Cor already purchased 3 mist melts... they had already farmed scale for the displacement in the 3rd zone. With only a few aggro issues concerning hippogriffs... and a few deaths, we zoned into the battle. The Blm's had decided on a sleep order and had entrusted the mist melts to the Cor. I tried to negotiate my way into the fight but they assured me that I would be all but useless and simply get in the way. Once inside the fight, I summoned Shiva to my side and sat near the base of the ramp and watched as the other 5 ran this puppy into the ground.

Cor buffs with Evoker's Roll and Healer's Roll

Sleep > Freeze x4 > Sleep > Freeze x4 > Sleep > Rest > Freeze x4

Win... without me ever lifting a finger. I've never seen a fight go that smoothly in my life.

Now if only I could have found these guys say.... 4 weeks ago. My life would have been a lot easier.


New Items: New Updates

Summoning Belt:

NM: Ramponneau

Morana's Pigaches:

NM: Sarcopsylla

Starting work on camping these as soon as I possibly can. Supposedly Ramponneau can be solo'd easily by any job at lvl 75. I'm going to try to do it using SMN/THF to get a little boost from TH. Sarcopsylla is also said to be soloable... but I'm going to try and take another friend with me to be sure of it.

Wiki said that both are terrible drop rates averaging around 1/10. Still not too bad, but with a lottery spawn on brand new NM's that people are going to be hunting and camping to get their hands on, it could take a while. Wish me luck!

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