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Lizardtrap: The newest addition to the VE and LL club

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to start camping one of the new NMs that came with the update. My choices were limited but I decided on Lizardtrap. After reading online on a few sites, i determined that it is definately a 2 hour timed pop and that the drop rate for the crown is about 5.8%... not great odds. After my research, I headed out to the spawn location to camp the first pop and get the ToD. I wasn't expecting the camp to be empty and yet I was the only one there, so I called on a lvl 75 THF friend of mine to come and help me. Thanks Darkassassin!

Almost immediately after we got to the camp... poof, he spawns right behind me and we lost the claim to some random duo of campers who zoomed into the area and outclaimed us. We may have lost the claim, but it made me happy to hear that they didn't get the drop. Besides... now I had the ToD. After that, I decided to set an alarm and log off right where I was. 2 hours later I came back and claimed him all on my own. The thing hits hard if you're not prepared, I took 2k dmg to the face from a bliz 4 while I was buffed with Shell 2, Phalanx, SS and Shining Ruby. Needless to say... I took more caution after I got back up. After buffing, I took out Ifrit and sent him at the trap and it only took 3 BPs before it went down. No resummoning needed. Also, no drop.


I repeated this process without competition for the next 3 claims. Nothing special to add.


After I logged in again to wait for the pop, I noticed that there were 4 other Anon SMN sitting around me. Even though I had the exact ToD, this freaked me out... so I called on Darkassassin, Okashi, and Darkhalo to assist me in claiming. After they got the the spawn, Okashi went AFK and we dropped her so she wouldn't die. Loads of help that was...

After all was said and done, Halo got the claim and still no drop.


Last try of the night I logged on to see my friend Cruiniac on the scene... another SMN I've been buddies with for a while and I joined up with him after he heard my story of 0/5. He agreed to help me claim and to letme have the drop if it came. Good guy. He outclaimed one other SMN in the area using Dia and promptly took 2k to the face much like I did before. Afterwords, I took over and started kiting while he got up, resummoned and joined in. Dead in no time. No drop. Sad Taru.


I guess SE wasn't satisfied with just VE and LL... they needed to add another NM that has a miserable drop rate to annoy the piss out of me. Grats SE.... job well done.

I'm going to try again tomorrow. Hopefully It'll be my last day. Wish me luck!

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