Yygdrasil of Kujata is a blog dedicated to following the life and times of my FFXI character Yygdrasil on the Kujata server. You can expect to find postings of my accomplishments, tips and tools and a lot of SMN (Summoner) talk. To be perfectly honest; I constructed this blog more-or-less as a journal for myself. Should you find any useful information within, please feel free to use it for yourself, just give me credit for any unique ideas. Oh! If you see me in game /tell me what you think of the blog!


Cool Kujatians (Since I can't seem to post on Alla atm)

I wanted to make a shout-out to all of the people on thye server that have made my experience there a delight. Bare with me if I forget to add you. This is a work in progress.

Swisha: NIN, DRG
By and large one of the most entertaining people I have met on the server. Weather or not you ever actually come out, you always offer to help me with just about anything. One time I will never forget, you actually came all the way through Ifrit's Cauldron to the Ash Dragon spawn to raise me so I wouldnt have to warp home and do it all over again. I think my raise timer was at 45 seconds when I finally stood up,

Unsayne: WAR
For you... all I have are appologies. Somehow every time I ask for help with an NM, I get you to come out and give it a shot with me... and without fail... you always die. At this point I must be responsible for at least 30k lost experience. I don't blame you if you never want to help me with anything ever again, lol.

Atrelie: WHM, WAR
Our friendship is reletively new, being that I joined your linkshell not too long ago, but from what I can tell, you're A-Ok. You were one of the first people to volunteer to help me with the Airship fight without even a second thought. Even though we have yet to win, its the thought that counts.

Subzeroffx: SMN, WAR, RDM, BLM, THF, BLU
The very first person I met on Kujata. The day I transfered from Bahamut, I logged in at the Glacier OP and there he was, standing right next to me. I remember asking him right off the bat to join his Linkshell. After all, I'm a SMN and his LS is called "AstralFlow"... how could I resist. He also got my feet wet in Dynamis and a few other endgame senarios. For that I thank you.

Teiris: WHM, SCH, BLM
If I need a tele... I ask you. If I need a D2... I ask you. If I need a Retrace... I ask you. If I need a WHM, BLM or SCH... I ask you. When you needed an Ixion Cloak for 500k less than AH price... I gave it to you. A more consistant friend there is none.

Neroific/Neraific: RDM, BLM, SMN, SCH, SAM, DNC, THF
I owe about 56 Merit Points to you.

Corvin: DRG
One of the most compitent players on our server. You tell it how it is and never sugar coat it, for that I respect you. More often than not I can rely on you to come and help me out in a pinch... or to just lend a hand on a CoP Mission. If you suck at this game, be warned that he'll let you know.

Darkassassin: THF, BLU, COR
Probably the only person I know who has ever read my blog. Great trustworthy THF. I know... that's really weird to say. If I had to compare myself and my love for SMN to someone else and their love for their job, it would have to be Dark and his THF. There's a level of dedication to be admired for someone who dedicates themselves to perfecting one job.

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