Yygdrasil of Kujata is a blog dedicated to following the life and times of my FFXI character Yygdrasil on the Kujata server. You can expect to find postings of my accomplishments, tips and tools and a lot of SMN (Summoner) talk. To be perfectly honest; I constructed this blog more-or-less as a journal for myself. Should you find any useful information within, please feel free to use it for yourself, just give me credit for any unique ideas. Oh! If you see me in game /tell me what you think of the blog!


LizardTrap: Extended

0/10 now... and a new change has been made to the Wiki. Apparently the drop rate is now adjusted to 7.8%. No as bad as it feels but still terrible. So with my current fail rate I should see a drop within the next 10 claims. Sadly, although I woke up early to claim him today, I was late and lost out. After waiting an hour and a half without moving I got the message that maintenance was starting... 10 minutes before I was told that the window would be up. This NM will be the death of me.

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