Yygdrasil of Kujata is a blog dedicated to following the life and times of my FFXI character Yygdrasil on the Kujata server. You can expect to find postings of my accomplishments, tips and tools and a lot of SMN (Summoner) talk. To be perfectly honest; I constructed this blog more-or-less as a journal for myself. Should you find any useful information within, please feel free to use it for yourself, just give me credit for any unique ideas. Oh! If you see me in game /tell me what you think of the blog!


A Friend!

Yesterday I was stopped for the first time by someone who has visited this blog. I was shouting while running through WG like I usually do (I'm always on the lookout for Mannaquin Hands) and I get /poked by a complete stranger right before I got to the warptaru.

>>Darkassassin pokes Yygdrasil

At first I was thinking, "Awsome, he has hands but doesn't speak english". No dice. Instead, he announced that he had visited and read my entire blog. We talked for a few minutes about the fact that although he had no iterest in ever playing as a SMN, he enjoyed reading it. *blush*

He's one of the best geared and most informed THFs I've encountered... and like me, he's career. I always like running into another career player because it means that they truely love their job and (usually) know what they're doing better than most. I for one have tried to play as other jobs and can't do it. It's too hard to get into a new job when it's not the one I've been playing right from the start.

So I challenge you all!!! Anyone who is reading or has read this blog. FIND ME!!! SEEK ME OUT!!! SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT!!!

...just don't hit me in the face...

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