Yygdrasil of Kujata is a blog dedicated to following the life and times of my FFXI character Yygdrasil on the Kujata server. You can expect to find postings of my accomplishments, tips and tools and a lot of SMN (Summoner) talk. To be perfectly honest; I constructed this blog more-or-less as a journal for myself. Should you find any useful information within, please feel free to use it for yourself, just give me credit for any unique ideas. Oh! If you see me in game /tell me what you think of the blog!


New Items: New Updates

Summoning Belt:

NM: Ramponneau

Morana's Pigaches:

NM: Sarcopsylla

Starting work on camping these as soon as I possibly can. Supposedly Ramponneau can be solo'd easily by any job at lvl 75. I'm going to try to do it using SMN/THF to get a little boost from TH. Sarcopsylla is also said to be soloable... but I'm going to try and take another friend with me to be sure of it.

Wiki said that both are terrible drop rates averaging around 1/10. Still not too bad, but with a lottery spawn on brand new NM's that people are going to be hunting and camping to get their hands on, it could take a while. Wish me luck!

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