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CoP 4-3: The Savage

After a lot of sitting around and biding my time, I found myself running back from a Besieged today and happening upon a random shout in WG.

???: Chains of Promathia, Mission 4-2: The Savage, Do you need it? 5/6

"Thank God!!!", I thought. Finally I can be rid of this pesky fight and move on with my life.

The set-up was as follows:
75Smn/Whm (me)
49Cor/Thf (party leader)

After cheering to myself about how clutch the set-up was, I joined the rest of the party at the gate on the coast. Not only had the Cor already purchased 3 mist melts... they had already farmed scale for the displacement in the 3rd zone. With only a few aggro issues concerning hippogriffs... and a few deaths, we zoned into the battle. The Blm's had decided on a sleep order and had entrusted the mist melts to the Cor. I tried to negotiate my way into the fight but they assured me that I would be all but useless and simply get in the way. Once inside the fight, I summoned Shiva to my side and sat near the base of the ramp and watched as the other 5 ran this puppy into the ground.

Cor buffs with Evoker's Roll and Healer's Roll

Sleep > Freeze x4 > Sleep > Freeze x4 > Sleep > Rest > Freeze x4

Win... without me ever lifting a finger. I've never seen a fight go that smoothly in my life.

Now if only I could have found these guys say.... 4 weeks ago. My life would have been a lot easier.

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